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We are currently looking for a qualified applicant for a full-time English conversation teaching position in Nagoya starting on November 19, 2024. We are accepting both domestic and overseas applications. If you are interested in the position, we'd like to hear from you!
(Updated: February 28, 2024)

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Located in Nagoya, Japan's fourth largest city, ABC Plus English School is an independent conversation school for children, high school students, and adults.

We have developed an original syllabus and use a wide range of materials and methods to teach students of every age. At ABC Plus, we strive to create a cooperative and fun working environment where our teachers can develop professionally as educators and enjoy the unique experience of living in Japan.

Please browse our website and feel free to email us if you have any questions! Don't forget to check "Applying for a position" and "FAQs" for further information about available positions, working conditions, and life in Japan.

Our opinion about education in Japan


Students in Japan have a tougher life than most. The education system is highly competitive, and from Junior High students spend most of their waking hours either at school, juku (a cram school) or ploughing through miles of homework. On top of that, the pressure to acquire English skills is huge, as English is a prerequisite of every university entrance exam, regardless of the student's field of study. Basically, to be successful in Japan, you need English ability. Not only will English ability help young people enter their university of choice, but it will open doors for them in future careers. English will give them a definite advantage in Japan, a country which is rapidly becoming more and more internationalized. ABC Plus' mission is to provide people with the skills they need to have more choice and opportunity in life.


At ABC Plus, our focus is on achieving quality education through personal and honest communication. This means that a relationship will be built between students and teachers, and between the parents of young students and teachers. As students become used to their teachers, not only do they develop trust, but they also learn far more than just language - they learn about a culture very different from their own. Even little things that the teacher may not think twice about, such as letting the kids jump on a flashcard during a game, are experiences students will not find in Japanese culture. Students can learn a different way of thinking through the values the teacher brings to the classroom.

Communication outside the classroom is essential too. Teachers make time to explain the lesson content and behavior of the students to their parents after each lesson. This also fosters a relationship of trust, and parents appreciate the efforts made by the teachers, even if they themselves cannot understand English! Communication means more than just words - a little effort and a smile really go a long way.

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