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Conversation School FAQs

What is the class size like?

Class sizes are capped at 6 students per class. Teachers may have a 7th student for the day if the student was absent in their usual class and is doing a make up lesson.

How old are the elementary school and junior high school students?

The school year in Japan begins in April and ends in March. Children who were born between April 2nd and April 1st of the following year are placed within the same grade. Elementary school 1st grade students are aged between 6 to 7, and 6th grade students are aged between 11 to 12. Junior high school 1st grade students are between 12 to 13.

Are all the students in the class the same age?

Classes are usually based on age and ability. Our basic rule is that the biggest age difference in a class is normally 2 years as long as the language abilities are similar.

What support structures are at ABC Plus?

Japanese staff and the director are always happy to help with anything that requires Japanese, for example, making appointments or translating mail.
ABC Plus also has HR staff members who are teachers that have been with us for a few years. They are always available to handle any issues teachers may have at work or outside of work. People sometimes get homesick or nervous when they are in a new country - especially one with a language barrier.

What resources are available for teachers?

ABC Plus has a large number of different teaching resources, such as flashcards, games, toys, music, textbooks, and sample lesson plans. There are 3 or 4 computers available to teachers at each school. Additionally, we provide all teachers with a copy of ABC Plus's curriculum to guide them in planning their classes. Teachers are also encouraged to make their own materials or recommend additional resources they may find helpful.

Do I have to teach English grammar?

Yes. Students often want to know the difference between different tenses and when they should use each, such as the difference between simple past and present perfect.

Can I apply while I am still a student?

Yes, you may, provided that you will receive your diploma and therefore will be eligible for a working visa three months before the positions start date.

Will I have a training before I start teaching?

A two-week training period is usually given to new teachers. After this period, formal training ends and you will assume full responsibility for your classes. HR staff members are always available throughout the year if you need help or advice.

Can I teach privately on the side? What about other forms of employment?

No. Engaging in other forms of employment outside of ABC Plus is prohibited since it affects your taxes and your visa only covers certain types of employment. If unsure, please ask the director. We do, however, encourage teachers to participate in language and cultural exchange events.

How do I sign up for Health Insurance?

Teachers can use a short-term private insurance to cover any unforeseen events during their trip to Japan if they wish to do so. However, signing up for the national health insurance or employees' health insurance (EHI) is mandatory for ABC Plus employees, and we will help you to enroll once you arrive in Japan. On average, the first year of coverage costs around 42,000 yen or less when you join the national health insurance, however, in years following, the health insurance fee will be roughly 7% of your previous years' income. National pension is 16,520 yen per month (Year 2023). When you join the employees' health insurance (EHI) and the employees' pension insurance (EPI), the fees will be roughly 15 % of your income.

What kind of medication is available in Japan?

Most regular medication for ongoing conditions is usually available here in Japan. However, we ask potential teachers to please check online whether their current medications are available in Japan. If you wish for assistance with medical issues or finding an English-speaking doctor, we will be happy to help you in any way that we can.

Will you sponsor a visa for my family?

No, we don't sponsor visas for family members.

Will you provide a job for my spouse?

No, we will not automatically provide a job for your spouse, but in the case where another position becomes available and your spouse is a qualified applicant, it may be possible for them to interview for the position.

Does the school offer basic Japanese lessons for its teachers?

Yes, ABC Plus offers its teachers a basic Japanese lesson from a native speaker once a week.

If I am qualified to teach a language other than English, will you offer classes in that language?

Being qualified to teach more than one language is great, although classes in languages other than English are not often in high demand. That being said, if a prospective student desires to, we will offer them a private lesson.

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