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Conversation School FAQs

Can I have a training before I start teaching?

A two week training is given to all the teachers. After this period, formal training ends and you will assume full responsibility for your classes. However, feedback and advice given after training ends must still be taken seriously.

Can I teach privately on the side?

NO. However, with a director's approval, it might be allowed to participate in certain activities outside of ABC Plus. The details regarding this are outline in your employment contract.

How do I sign up for Health Insurance?

Health insurance in mandatory for ABC Plus employees, and we will help you to enroll in the National Health Insurance once you have arrived in Japan. On average the first year of coverage costs around 42,000 yen or less, however, in years following, it will be roughly 10% of your previous years' income.

What kind of medication is available in Japan?

Most regular medication for ongoing conditions is usually available here in Japan. If you wish for assistance with medical issues or finding an English-speaking doctor, we will be happy to help you in any way that we can.

Will you sponsor a visa for my family?

No, we don't sponsor visas for family members.

Will you provide a job for my spouse?

No, we will not automatically provide a job for your spouse, but in the case where another position comes available and your spouse is a qualified applicant, it may be possible for them to fill the position.

Does the school offer Japanese lessons for its teachers?

Yes, ABC Plus offers its teachers a Japanese lesson from a native speaker once a week.

If I am qualified to teach a language other than English, will you offer classes in that language?

Being qualified to teach more than one language is great, although classes in languages other than English are not often in high demand. That being said, if a prospective student desires to, we will offer them a private lesson.

How much time am I expected to spend preparing for each class and how is this compensated?

You are allotted an average of 3 hours of planning time per day in your regular work schedule. Included in this planning time should not only be writing a skeleton lesson plan, but also preparing and/or making the materials (worksheets, games, activities) required to teach the lesson and finding a way to present the material in a fun and interesting manner. In addition, you should take time to anticipate the type of questions students may ask and what kind of explanation & examples you can use to explain the topics thoroughly to them.

What resources are available for teachers?

ABC Plus has a large number of different teaching resources, such as flashcards, games, toys, music, textbooks, and sample lesson plans. Additionally, we provide all teachers with a copy of ABC Plus' specially designed curriculum to guide them in planning their children's classes. Teachers are also encourage to make their own materials and are provided with construction paper, a laminator, and computer programs to do so.

Can I apply while I am still a student?

Yes, you may, provided that you will receive your diploma and therefore will be eligible for a working visa three months before the positions start date.

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